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Style Esteem NYFW Bridal Fall '23 Presentation

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Breast cancer survivor designer Sonya Keshwani is known for her stylish head coverings that transform how she gets dressed in the morning, and how she sees herself in the mirror. After losing her hair to chemotherapy, she was simply told to “buy a wig and deal with it.” She quickly realized that wigs were not only uncomfortable to wear, but they were also inauthentic to her style.

She started searching for stylish and comfortable head coverings online but could only find chemo beanies that made her look and feel like a sick person. "If I wouldn't wear this as a healthy person, why would I wear this while sick?!," she thought to herself. After each round of chemotherapy, Sonya visited a fabric store next to her infusion center and brought home fabric samples. She experimented with her sewing machine and created styles that transformed how she got dressed in the mornings and the way she saw herself in the mirror.

Inspired by time-honored traditions, Sonya creates turbans for every season and occasion—from holidays like Christmas to weddings—that are crafted from quality fabrics such as cashmere or silk; each one is designed exclusively for Intercontinental New York Barclay Hotel & WorldBride Magazine Luxury Bridal Fashion Week.

The Penthouse suite was transformed into a stunning ballroom with stunning views of NYC. The breathtakingly beautiful room was filled with intimate decor details and photos of brides and their families who were so excited to attend this amazing event. After being seated in comfy sofa seats or chairs we were all served champagne and delicious hors d'oeuvres by our gracious hostess who welcomed us all with warm hugs and smiles!

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