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Are you on the right path?

Dear Talkers,

I wanted to talk to you about choosing the path that brings you the most joy and is the easiest to obtain. If someone were to ask me back in high school, do you see yourself being a reporter. I’d look at them and say “Hell No,” I’m going to be a designer or working in the fashion industry. Never did I imagine I’d be here with a whole show named Qui Talks. I was Styles by Qui as a designer and stylist. Fashion was my first love, and I’m still in love with it. However, somewhere along my journey, reporting has been entering and exiting my life. Funny part about it is that I never asked for these opportunities. I just kept getting approached with them.

For instance, starting as a child I was asked to be on a local network cable show in my town to sit at a round table and discuss with other kids my age and older about whatever topic was at hand. Fast forward to high school, while working in the main office, I was asked to join the morning announcement crew and read the announcements every morning for three years. Just when I thought I left that life behind, my final year of college during an internship, my boss asked me to become a correspondent for his new show named Styles TV. That in itself took me by storm. I kept getting so much rave about my interviewing styles, and many other people gravitated towards me. This career option came with easiness and was really fun, until it wasn’t.

Now years later, I look around and wanted to do something different, but I keep getting pulled back into this life. Don’t get me wrong, I love do what I do. I don’t mind doing it forever, but I needed to find a way to make money from it so I can be in it forever. I’ve tried doing other things I love which was having events and marketing, so I started my own marketing agency, but yesterday made me realize that I don’t like to work for people in all facets. Not just working directly for a company but also obtaining clients for my company. I rather kept my marketing company as a brand that has sponsored events that are created by me and for the people, like the Bacon and Beer events. Working as a marketer for clients is still me working for someone.

I came to this conclusion at therapy when my therapist said, “If something is extremely difficult for you to obtain, than maybe you dont need it. Focus on what has been working and continue to work towards that. That is the direction God wants you in.“ Qui Talks has been a thing since a child. Something I never considered as a career option but God kept pushing it in my face. Now is my chance to go all the way to the top with it and accomplish all I need to thrive in this world.

Lets make it happen y’all!

xoxo, Qui Talks

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