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You know that feeling of pure joy, that feeling of finding it all, the one that you get when all your dreams and wishes come true?

Well, we think there should be a special wedding-wishes treasure box. One where you keep all

your deepest desires since you were a little girl and keep adding to that as you get older.

Everything from how much sparkle your dress will have, to the invitations, color scheme,

destination, and bridesmaids’ dresses. Every single detail is planned to perfection, and the star of

the show is THE dress.

This season, while keeping her signature daring detail-oriented touch, and moving spirit in each

dress, Berta wanted to design a collection that will make our brides feel as if they are loved; loved

by the little girl inside, that just made all of her bridal wishes come true.

A collection designed for the fierce; inspired by the romance in the world and the beauty of

1920’s mysteries, desires, and glam - there is nothing simple about BERTA Caesarea, and we

truly hope that this new collection will make the BERTA bride in the making feel as if she found

it all.

The collection will be available at our retailers worldwide starting October, and in trunk shows

around the world starting August.

P.S. a BERTA insider’s tip, if you are looking for a dress that shines so bright, trust us – nothing shines quite like a BERTA CAESAREA gown.

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