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Dur Doux’s F/W 2023 Presentation

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

( Mother-daughter duo Najla and Cynthia Burt’s latest collection evoked a tropical feel. The space was in the heart of Manhattan, and as guests rolled in, from influencers to editors, everyone was excited to see what was in store for the duo this time. As an upbeat island mix started playing, models glided through the runway with a certain poise that spoke of the word “luxury.” Phones were raised immediately as the first model in a black and green long one-shoulder dress started the show, and progressively more tropical prints came onto the runway. Off-the-shoulder and one-shoulder silhouettes were consistent throughout the show as well as florals, bold colors, and prints. Najla grew up in Florida, which is big on tropical prints, so it makes perfect sense for them to tap into the past with the collection.

Mother daughter duo of emerging brand Dur Doux, Cynthia and Najla Burt, imagines the new world with a seasonless approach with their Toute L’annee collection. This season is inspired by the intersection where travel meets fashion, filled with striking coppers, bold prints, along with vibrant yellows.
Style in the ‘new norm,’ post-pandemic world was the focus. There is now a new globalized generation of fashion consumers who work everywhere, travel all of the time, to everywhere in the world and are seeking ‘year round’ clothing. Fashion and travel evoke images, settings of creativity and escapism, discovery and adventure, along with a sense of fantasy and freedom.” - says Creative Director and co-founder, Najlia Burt. This season’s theme, ‘Toute L’Annee’ - Holiday Year Round reimagines and expands upon the exploding phenomena of relaxed and luxurious escapism.
With women seeking to embrace and commit to seasonless, interchangeable fashion, this new collection of 25 designs is an exquisite offering of classic trend with versatility, including both ready-to-wear and occasion wear. With Dur Doux’s use of high-end fabrications of silks, printed velvets, ultra-luxe sequin velvets, and body-friendly knits, the possibilities are endless.
Mandie Erickson
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