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Exclusive Interview with Nick Audain: Unveiling the Sensual Beats of 'Consenting Adults

Hey music enthusiasts! Get ready to groove to the seductive tunes of Nick Audain as Qui Talks presents an exclusive interview with the sensational singer-songwriter himself!

Hailing from the vibrant streets of London, Nick Audain is taking the music scene by storm with his sexually charged high-energy dance tracks. Tracks like "Nothing I Like Better" and "Work The Floor" are heating up the clubs, while steamier songs like "Friends With Benefits" and "Strip Tease" are igniting private passions worldwide.

But that's just the beginning! On September 9th, 2014, Nick Audain released his highly anticipated album, "Consenting Adults," in a star-studded soirée hosted by VH1 Personality Love Majewski at the Triad Theatre in NYC. And the excitement doesn't stop there—Nick is gearing up for the release of a remix album that promises to thrill fans even more.

Behind the scenes, long-time collaborator Will Taylor, known for his work with icons like Lady Gaga, brings Nick's self-authored songs to life with brilliant production. Together, they create energetic music videos and captivating live performances that continue to mesmerize loyal fans and attract new ones.

So, are you ready to dive into the mesmerizing world of Nick Audain? Join us as we unravel the music, the passion, and the journey of this rising star in our exclusive interview—it's a must-watch for music lovers everywhere! 🌟 #NickAudainInterview #ConsentingAdultsAlbum

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