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Four Wow-worthy Must-Have Wedding Outfits From Kynah & Kiska

Wedding season has just started, and it's the time when from brides to guests, everyone wants to look their best. So whenever we get an invite to a wedding, the only thing that runs into our mind is the outfit we will wear for the big day. Similarly, the brides also want to learn about the latest styles and designer gowns they can wear on their big day.

There was a time when white and ivory were the only choices brides used to have, but since we have been introduced to so many cultures and customs, now we can wear almost anything. The main thing that matters is that your wedding outfit should get you all the wow-worthy and attention-grabbing silhouettes. Similar is the case with the guests, but the only challenge is where to get the right outfit.

I recently went to a fantastic designer called Kynah Kiska Studios to see their super stylish collection, and I am just blown by the astonishing designs and bridal collections they displayed. Here is a glimpse of a few of my favorite articles from their collection; these strikingly appealing gowns will help get you an envy-worthy unforgettable silhouette that you will cherish for ages.

This gown will be a perfect pick if you plan to attend a wedding soon. The easy-flowing skirt with corset style bodice that you can lace up at the back is specially designed to flaunt your natural waistline and perfect curves. The best part of this outfit is that you can easily don it in any formal setting as it gives you a sleek and elegant look and elevates your overall appearance.

This dress is one of the best-sellers from the house of Kynah; if you are worried about attending a wedding of a close friend or family member, then nothing can beat the comfortable and classy silhouette this dress would provide. This draped maxi creates a stunning flow that fits perfectly to all body types.

This ball gown dress has all the details that will virtually flatter everyone; the gown features pearl embroidery in a mauve net base with a corset-style bodice and some elegant flares beneath the waistline. This design would be perfect for full-figured and athletic brides as it would help them get an hourglass figure on their big day. This dress is certainly unforgettable; by the way, doesn't this look like royalty?

This coffee-colored floor gown with all the shiny embellishments is my favorite on this list. This piece is a unique amalgamation of western and eastern styles. It’s an A-line cut gown with cascading mirror and sequins that work all over it. An A-line dress is the best thing you can do for yourself as a bride as it wonderfully compliments all body types and enhances the figure. This gown has some elegant additional features like side cut-outs and a criss-cross back that will get you a sexier and classier silhouette.

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