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Inbar Freiman NYFW Bridal Fall '23 Presentation

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Inbar Freiman NYBFW Bridal Presentation named Glowing Romance has been designed to be romantic and soft while not being too simple or plain.

The collection was inspired by the idea of romance and love. The gowns are made with love and attention to detail. Hand beading is done in Israel by local artisans who have been creating this art for years. Each dress is unique in its own way as each one is handmade using high-quality fabrics that are also dyed with natural dyes which gives them an organic feel. The dresses are lightweight making them flowy and easy to wear all day long without having to worry about overheating or getting hot under the collar. They also come with an optional open-back option so you can show off your shoulders!

Photos by Akash

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