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Mental Exhaustion

Dear Talkers,

Last night, I was so annoyed that I went to bed early. Have you ever tried to accomplish something and wrote out a huge game plan? A step by step guide to get you through all that needs to be done in order for your goal to be accomplished. After completing the necessary task, you still are not able to accomplish that said goal. You know it has to be done because God has put it on your heart to be done. You have tried all that you could think of to try just to fall short at the end. Then you are left thinking “what do I do next?” Your brain is tired of thinking, your body becomes exhausted, and you are left starring at a computer screen with no fresh ideas.

Well that was me last night. I am trying to plan a bunch of things but many of my ideas keep falling short. I am mentally and physically exhausted. Everyone I talk too just verbally compliments what I am doing but there is no help in sight. I know I have to lean on God and allow him to work, but I was told faith without works is dead. So do I stop working? Honestly, I feel that I have to keep trying and allow God to meet me where I am. Well I guess I just answered my question. Let’s see what my brain can think of today.

xoxo, Qui Talks

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