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New Week! New Opportunities!

Good Morning Talkers,

Today is the beginning of a new week. A chance to create something new. A chance to set new goals and accomplish them. A chance to get closer to what God has intended for your life. Today is a chance to start something you always wanted to do. A chance to finish what you’ve started to make room for something new. A chance to become something different. I say all of this because yesterday was Easter. This day was the resurrection, rising up of Jesus. yesterday was his renewal to a new life. He had his chance to make all things, including his life new again. What will you do with this renewal of change.

I plan on walking greater into the direction that was intended for me. The path That my Father laid out for me. Trust me, this path has not been easy but something keeps telling me to keep going. Even when I feel like throwing in the towel, all the signs around me keep saying, “Don’t give up now!” Something greater is on its way. So I shall continue to thriving in his direction with love and discernment.

xoxo, Qui Talks

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