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Project Gaia, a Fascinating Trunk Show in New York City

love trunk shows as you get to meet the designers on the spot, where they come to showcase their upcoming collection for pre-selling.

Project Gaia trunk show was, as a whole, a new experience since they displayed some sustainable products from beauty, home, apparel, lifestyle, accessories, furniture, and to whatnot. The idea behind this multi-brand concept store is to influence connection and collaboration for all designers; they had selected multiple brands and artists to showcase their products in the store.

Project Gaia is founded by Shriya Misra and Danielle Salinas, the co-founders and designers of Maison de Papillon. This project was created to combine-like minded global brands and designers under one roof for sustainable designs and innovations. For this trunk show, Gaia has collaborated with many brands like Ayka Fashion, a fashion brand; Preeti Verma, an artist; Malicious Jewelry, an Indian jewelry brand; and many others.

I found some really interesting and cool stuff in the multi-brand store. The best part about the store was everything on sale, including the furniture. So if you are looking for home aesthetics, these people also deal in lifestyle fashion.

Here are a few of the products that stole my heart in the show, and I would like to add these things to my collection.

We live in the post-pandemic era where comfort and ease are preferred over skin-kissing dresses. This l

oose-fitted silk top is everything you need; it's designed to be super comfortable and fashionable, so you can wear it anywhere. Just pair it up with jeans or beautiful pants and get yourself an envy-worthy silhouette.

This inkwell print dress is also on my list of favorites; it's so elegant and eye-catching that I couldn't resist taking my eyes off it. This midi-length dress is sleekly designed with a cross-back style top and has all the features to elevate your figure. If you want something that gets you an attention-grabbing silhouette, you need to modernize your closet with this sleeveless habotai dress.

As I told you earlier, everything in the store was there to sell, and I adored this exquisite table from the Phillips collection. I love spending on home décor and lifestyle, and the collection at Project Gaia was mesmerizing. The slab of this table is made of Mai Theng Wood, which makes it unique and classy. There were some extremely wonderful rugs on display too.

I am a big boots fan, and in winter here, you always need a good pair of boots. I love the shoe collection in the store; they also have some great sandals, but these dark-colored vegan boots on display caught my eye. These two-tone boots with a square toe and angled heel are a subtle statement and all you need this winter.

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