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Some Glittery Highlights of Stylist Fashion Show in NYC

qui talks x sfs nyc

Finally, the day came when I attended one of the most anticipated private fashion events organized in NYC, the Stylist Fashion Show. Vinrelo is a renowned name in the fashion and business world. SFS is her brainchild and is known for organizing stylist fashion shows that deal with promising stylists, creatives, and fashionistas. Stylist Fashion Show is an amazing platform for stylists to showcase their skills and brand to the next level.

The event wasn’t just a show but an entertaining movie with awesome music, high-level networking, fantastic soundtracks, and a tremendous display of stylists' talent. The event's purpose was to provide room for individuals in the business and fashion communities to raise the bar of their skills.

The most happening thing about the event was that you got to meet some key fashion and business figures who also attended the show and their presence made the event more impactful. Since we all know that fashion shows aim to introduce their audiences to the latest trends and styles, and that's what I witnessed at SFS NYC. Since the season is changing and winters are coming soon, the runway was full of stuff like fedora, scarves, and blazers to give you a sleek fall appearance.

Here are a few most inspiring highlights of the show.

One of the show's stars who really inspired me was Brooklyn editorial and fashion stylist Styled by Mulani. Although I don’t have enough to hire a fashion stylist, these guys do a great job building a fashionable and appealing personality. Mulani has an outstanding photo-shooting experience with some great luxury brands of New York City, like Telstra Global. It has unique eyes for fashion and styles that can get you and your brand a classy styling.

Candy Styles:

Candice Brown is a personal stylist from Chicago who works to enhance her client's silhouette by helping them choose the most appropriate and stylish outfits and accessories according to their body type. This promising stylist was also there in the Stylist Fashion Show, and I admired her extraordinary work with the models. Her mesmerizing experience and fashion wardrobe make the models look wow-worthy. Candice works personally and is best known for styling petite women to make them confident about their looks and styles.

Styles Lewis also caught my attention as she is a renowned name in the industry that provides creative consultancy and brand and personal wardrobe styling. Style is a multi-faceted name; she is famous for directing photo shoots and models, organizing fashion shows, managing big events, and much more. Apart from all these two decades-long experience in the evolution of styling is something that makes her stand out. She has created opportunities for communities, and her enthusiasm for her job is incredible and something that makes all her creations extremely exceptional and wow-worthy.


My time at the Stylist Fashion Show was truly magical. I loved every bit of the show. It was historical as this great initiative by Vinrelo was highly appreciated by the New York Fashion Week official. I surely look forward to attending more events like the Stylist Fashion Show.

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