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Things You Did Not Know About My 2018

Here is an old post about what happened to me in 2018.....

Boyyyyyy, 2018 was full of hell and high waters. One thing I can honestly say with confidence is that I am BEYOND grateful for my God and this year of 2018. I have grown so greatly and discovered so much about my strength and my willpower. If it wasn’t for my belief and faith in the one I call my Lord, I do not know where I would be today.

Many people believed my move to California was the best thing ever. Although it was an experience I will NEVER take for granted, many did not know I was homeless for a full month, couldn’t eat for many days, had extreme financial issues which have forced me to become the person I am now. As I sit back and reflect on the year I had, even with the extreme lows, I am happy I went through everything that has occurred. It has made me a better and more empathetic person. I am able to relate and understand the misery of others at a different level. It has made me work 10x harder for my company. Qui Talks has been more places than I ever imaged over the past year. People now know more about me and my brand. I have actual fans that follow me. I, myself, inspire people on a daily bases. Never in millions of years would I think, I would be where I am now.
I still dream for bigger because I know this is just the beginning but I am extremely grateful for what I have now. Everything was taken from me in 2018 just for me to gain 10x more in 2019. I have lost it all. Clothes, food, home, a portion of my business, even my mind at times. But I can stand tall and strong now telling everyone, the end is not here. Things may look really bad, your back may be against the wall with no way out, things may seem like it is over…I am here to tell you to stay strong. The end is not here! If you believe it, it will happen! Just keep believing that you will win and be free in the end and I promise you that things will change for the best. Not just for the better but for the best. Everything happens for a reason to prepare you for the next level in life. If life was so easy, there would not be any evil. Evil comes from lack of faith and belief.
Just remember people, human flesh, do not have a heaven or hell to send you. They do not determine your beginning or end. Your life is not in their power. They may think they have control over your situation, but trust that you will overcome any situation. Just keep pushing through all the walls and mountains and know the light will shine, again. You will laugh with your entire body. You will genuinely smile from ear to ear, again! Things will get better even when you think they will not.
I am here testifying to you that you will WIN! I have been in your position where I only thought the only way out of this hell-hole is death. The dark shadow can make you feel like you have nowhere else to go. You feel as if darkness has become your norm and there will be no way out from here. I promise there is a greater plan for you. This is just the storm you have to go through to see the rainbow and sun! It is not always gloomy outside.

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