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Three Most Iconic Designs of the Powerhouse of Couture Randi Rahm

I recently got an amazing opportunity to attend the fashion show of a renowned entrepreneur and couture powerhouse of New York City, Randi Rahm. Randi is known for designing exquisite couture gowns that many A-list celebrities have worn, like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie Underwood, etc.

The famous designer is a specialist in evening gowns and cocktail dresses; she once designed a whopping $ 2.5 million diamond dress which famous television celebrity Maria Menonous sported at the Oscar awards; the dress was made of 433 karats of diamonds. Yes, you heard that right! She is known for giving her customers a glittery style and flattering silhouette.

What I love the most about fashion blogging is that you don’t only get to meet the talented fashion designers there but also get to know about their fascinating journeys. Randi, who started her journey as a fashion designer by designing a quilt he made for her son, later made some custom dresses for little girls and now has set up an entire fashion Altair studio. Randi started her fashion studio in fifth avenue, New York, in 1998, and in 2002 through Bergdorf Goodman, she started selling her designs.

Rather than her love of designing, the life challenges made her the entrepreneur she is today. After getting married at 18 and divorced at 28, Randi had no option but to find ways to support her kids. So her circumstances made her try her hands at different things; apart from fashion designing, Randi is also a trained pianist and dancer.

Here is a look at her most famous gowns that she designed for different celebrities to shine at their big events.

Carrie Underwood Custom-made Gown:

This masterpiece is a custom-made gown that the famous singer Carrie Underwood wore during her performance at the annual CMA Awards in Nashville, the capital city of Tennessee. Carrie is a Randi Rahm fan; she has also worn one of her cocktail dresses in the Grand Ole Opry.

Crystal Gown:

This nude diamond crystal gown that Mariah Carey wore in Good Morning America is one of the most iconic creations of Randi Rahm. This gown, embellished with white iridescent silver beadwork in a mermaid skirt, became an instant sensation.

Diamond Gown:

Randi Rahm designed most of the couture

dresses that the star cast of the famous reality show "The Bachelorette" wore. In this picture, Jojo Fletcher wears the most iconic design of Randi Rahm, the “Diamond Dress ."Another lead cast from the show Rachel Lindsay also rocked in a Randi Rehm gown. The couture specialist did some remarkable variations with her signature Diamond Gown; actress Laura Osnes also wore one of Randi's gowns encrusted with Swarovski crystals in the opening ceremony of Cinderella.

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