This journey-oriented show follows Qui Talks and friends as they explore different lifestyle concepts to upgrade our lives and attend exclusive entertainment & marketing events to get the scoop on business hacks, pop culture, fashion, and more.


Qui Talks

Host & Creator

Quisha Joacin, known as Qui Talks, is a media and marketing maven, bringing 10+ years of experience in both industries as a correspondent and experiential marketer.  Ms. Joacin has graced many red carpets to get the real from our favorite celebrities and sat down with many like-minded entrepreneurs to talk about the hurdles they overcame to get where they are right now.

Ms. Joacin created “Qui Talks” from her passion for media and marketing but also to inspire all minds that what they truly aspire to be is within themselves to unleash.


What We Strive To Do!

Our mission at “Balance Your Life w/ Qui Talks” is to bring strength and energy to a community looking to live their best life by sharing life-changing habits and daily routines to maximize their true potential and yet, still be entertained.

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Get Balanced with Our Podcast!

This journey-oriented show will follow Qui Talks and friends as they teach and learn different concepts to incorporate into their everyday journey to balance their busy schedule, alleviate stress from an ever-changing world, lose weight, maintain muscle mass, and eat better for more energy and better health.

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